Derek Heidemann – Loma Prieta Tremolo

“The Loma Prieta tremolo is the perfect mix of great sounds and great features. So many tremolo pedals have extra bells and whistles that are cool, but not super usable, this pedal definitely combines the best of both worlds. The harmonic sound is super warm and lush, and the traditional sound is more aggressive and choppy. Any way you set this pedal you have an awesome, 100% usable sound that is inspiring to play through. It gives my playing so much more vibe and dynamic. Really fantastic trem, 10/10 would recommend.”


Caleb Rodrigues – Foxcatcher Overdrive & Boost

“Just about every pedalboard I’ve ever built has used an always on, low gain drive toward the beginning of my signal chain. The Foxcatcher overdrive does this really well, with a few extra features that have made it a staple on my boards. The tone/nature knobs really allow you to shape your sound more like a preamp, and the sweep on the gain knob goes from subtle to a nice light OD. The added boost just takes it to the next level and not only saves space on your board but allows you to get a little more dirt depending on where you set the order toggle.

The Foxcatcher is truly the swiss army knife of drive pedals and after owning one I could never imagine not having it on my board.”


Mychael Allen – Loma Prieta Tremolo

“The Loma Prieta is not only great for just getting that traditional tremelo sound that most people look for but there are also so many options for getting very creative with this pedal. From the doubling mode that lets you double the rate on the fly to being able to add grit into your signal through this pedal to the LoFi function that lets you cut bass when engaged its all around just an awesome pedal. Its a really great pedal, would definitely recommend to anyone especially those looking to get creative with their sounds.”

Brian Gower – Gravity Bomb Boost

“This is an always on pedal for me. It adds a great texture and chime to my sound with the knobs all the way down. When you can crank it up it’ll push your amp to get some gnarly drive tones. Kinda thinking I need to get another one.”

Mychael Allen – Polaris Chorus & Vibrato

“I’ve been looking for a great chorus pedal for awhile, one with great versatility and an overall great sound. Now I can say i’ve honestly found that in the Polaris. From a subtle beautiful modulation to that all out old school 80’s sound this pedal really covers it all. This pedal will not be leaving my board anytime soon and I’d really recommend that you get this!”

Omkar Shirskat – Polaris Chorus & Vibrato

“I bought this pedal so I could independently use some chorus and vibrato off a pedal and thereby clear some slots on my Line6 POD HD500X to be able to make some interesting tones. I’ve got to tell you, the Polaris has been more value for me than I thought. The tones of this pedal are much better than the stock chorus and pedal tones I have in my processor so it gave me a lot of variety. Also, I use it along with my Boss CS-3 for a smaller setup and it pretty much covers up my clean tone requirement by adding a nice flavour to it. I’d recommend you to get this for sure!”


Karl Wilson – Foxcatcher Overdrive & Boost

“I’ve just had a chance to play the Foxcatcher through my ’68 Princeton Reverb with my tele. My inclination was correct, this is THE overdrive I’ve been looking for! Nice, low gain drive which remains pretty ‘transparent’ throughout the range and the nature knob is worth its weight in gold! I’m currently powering the pedal at 18v which takes it to a whole new level of tonal nirvana. Build quality is also exceptional, excellent job! I’ll be recommending to friends for sure and may put a demo up on YouTube too.”


Jim Anderton – Polaris Chorus & Vibrato

“This is my new favorite pedal. So many tone options come with this thing that you will never get bored. The controls are simple and the tone knob makes all the difference when you’re trying to cut through the mix or getting that thick, creamy chorus. I had the pleasure of getting to test out Polaris at the shop and meet the guys, who were awesome and more than knowledgeable. They build everything from scratch and in house. Don’t let this pedal pass you by, worth every cent.”


Joshua Mitness – Polaris Chorus & Vibrato

“I bought used and still the best pedal I’ve ever owned. The quality is out of this world. The response, the tones, the ingenuity. Can’t wait to try more pedals from these guys! (I have a telegraph stutter Killswitch on the way.)”


Dean Cline – Foxcatcher Overdrive & Boost

“Fantastic pedal. I’v been thru many many low gain pedal’s but the Foxcatcher stopped my search. There are lot’s of way’s to describe good tone but I suggest you just try a Foxcatcher.”


Rob Poz – Telegraph Stutter

“This thing is a ton of fun, and always a great conversation starter. So many people would ask me what it is. I’ve found many uses for mine, which I’ve had for two years now. I’ve had it on my pedalboard, as well as fastened on top of my amp head. I’ve used it for tremolo effects, as a killswitch, as a complement to drone and noise pedals, and as a tool to communicate to the far away extraterrestrial life that this no doubt was intended for. A bargain, and a really great (and useful) addition to any pedalboard for any style of music.”


James Bailey – Polaris Chorus & Vibrato

“The diversity in tone I can get is amazing! The warm analog sound its beautiful and with just an adjustment of the tone knob I can make it brighter to cut through a thick mix or stack it with fuzz and get a great lead solo tone. Its fantastic that you have a volume knob on the pedal that you can actually boast your signal, something that my old small clone just did not have. My favorite part if this pedal is the second focus option you can push that thing into almost harmonizer world! The sounds you can get are amazing. I love the options you get on the pedal without sacrificing and quality in tone. Super durable and total tonal control that no other chorus has. Love it”


Joshua Wilfong – Foxcatcher Overdrive & Boost

“Wow! That’s all I can say! I’ve only had the pedal for about a week or so now, so I cannot tell you as to how the pedal will hold up after a long period of time, though it does seem VERY well built. It is a heavy, tough feeling pedal, with a clean, slick layout. Good looking pedal. I put this pedal on my board replacing a Boss SD-1 Super-Overdrive, I was thoroughly impressed by the tone I first got out of it with everything at 50%. The possibilities and the range of tones you can get is unreal. I love how suttle and mild of a drive you can get out of it, but I also love how big and aggressive the drive can be. I love the built in boost as well!! This is an amazing pedal! Well worth the money. It’s a very versatile pedal. For all of you ambient, cloud tone guys, this is the drive for you. For all of you heavy, hard, aggressive players, this is the drive for you. Excellent pedal. I would recommend it to anyone. By the way, it comes with a gnarly little pocket knife.”


Jeff G – 

“I’ve heard that some guitar players are reverb guys/gals and some aren’t. Clearly those who aren’t haven’t played this pedal. The sound quality is absolutely stellar – head and shoulders above every other reverb pedal I’ve had. Those others (major brand names) were good enough to be place holders, but the tone alteration was evident. The Daedalus doesn’t alter your guitar’s tone whatsoever. It just adds that little hint of reverb that makes everything sound that much better.

This is not the reverb pedal for everyone. If you want a zillion presets or something that sings vowels in a shimmer, then look elsewhere or play with a choir. I wanted something that I could easily get a great sound out of without turning more than three knobs. It is simple, easy to tweak on the fly, and sounds like it is part of your amp. It’s exactly what I wanted feature-wise and blew me away with the sound quality. Five stars and two thumbs up!”


Collin Taylor – 

“I have sworn by my Morning Glory since the day I got it three years ago. The bluesbreaker circuit just gives me the sound I need. I have told everyone who ever asked that I would never replace my Morning Glory with anything at all. However… Coppersound made the Foxcatcher. The first time I heard it, my thought was, “Dang… that’s the sound.” It essentially takes everything that I love about the bluesbreaker sound and expounds upon it simply yet effectively. The ability to throw on the boost gives it diversity enough, but then it gives you a little more gain on tap and the control to completely play around with the voicing. Not to mention that the only complaint I have ever had in a bluesbreaker style circuit is not an issue in this pedal, which is that the breakup seams to just be a little more symmetrical to my ears, like the harmonics are just meshing together so perfectly. I could go on… But basically, if you want an end-all light to mid- gain overdrive that has every bit of hand-built quality oozing out of its sonic goodness, then this is it!”


Dan Anthony  

“I just received my Foxcatcher pedal a couple of days ago so have not had as much time as I would normally spend before submitting comments. That said, I must agree with much of what previous reviewers have said. This pedal needs to be heard (preferably live rather than by video) to be really appreciated. When I ordered this pedal I was looking for something more subtle than overpowering. It seems to me that many pedals made these days (regardless of quality) are looking to overpower the guitar, the amp and ultimately the player. More gain simply seems to mean less articulation and individual notes are all blended or mixed together and become unrecognizable – at least to my ears. This pedal avoids that and for my music purposes (mostly blues and milder rock) seems to work great with both single coil and humbucker pickups. Like a previous review said, it is a mild-mid level drive pedal but it will deliver enough gain to satisfy most of those kinds of users. What I like as much as anything is the “nature” control. It serves to add/remove the high end somewhat like a presence control but offering more range. As I become more experienced with effects (in particular overdrive type) pedals I am finding that there are great matches available for various guitar and amp combinations. The foxcatcher seems to match extremely well with my single coil Stratocasters and Telecaster – providing that “twang” through subtle overdrive and higher end “chime” that a lot of drive pedals remove or miss altogether. If you are looking for a pedal that will allow you to shape your sound, I would say the Foxcatcher needs to be on your radar. Build is great and so far – absolutely no complaints !”


Tom MacLennan Foxcatcher Overdrive & Boost

“Purchased Foxcatcher and immediately took it to the gig. Sounded excellent with minimal tweakage, but lots of sound options available! The independent OD and Boost make the Swiss Army aspect 100% valid. Very versatile and useful whether you are running a pedal platform rig or a multi-channel amp. I fall into the latter camp, and Foxcatcher fits my needs to a T whether I use the Boost by itself to make clean notes stand out more in a passage, or to boost my OD channel on my Redplate – it brings out more of your amp, which is what a excellent OD pedal should do. I’ve used Foxcatcher with clean pedal platforms and it delivers a wide range of overdrive, more than enough for the styles I play. I have humbucker guitars, and there is no grainy-ness with the pedal, but you can dial in crunch or smooth sustain. Very happy, and at the price there’s not much that can deliver so much! Very happy with the purchase. Locally made, which is really cool too!”


Tom Whalen – Labyrinth Signal Router

“Im so glad this thing exists – now I can use my micropog in the front of my amp and in the fx loop of my strymon without rewiring anything. took me a minute to understand how it works but its super useful thanks guys.”


Patrick Runkle – Foxcatcher Overdrive & Boost

“The Foxcatcher has become my always on pedal. When I use it on my clean channel it provides just a bit of goodness to fill out the cleans. However, when I switch over to my dirty channel, that bit of Foxcatcher goodness FILLs up the tone so nicely! On top of that, I have the option to click on the boost function for extra goodness. I haven’t found a bad setting on it…I love my Foxie!


Matthew Cang  

“Just got my Telegraph Stutter pedal – it’s a fantastic design and a joy to use. A great company to deal with and they are happy to try and accommodate any custom requests. Thanks Alex – hope to deal with you again soon.”


Jordan Scarborough  Polaris Chorus & Vibrato

“I love my polaris! The diversity in tone I can get is amazing! The warm analog sound its beautiful and with just an adjustment of the tone knob I can make it brighter to cut through a thick mix or stack it with fuzz and get a great lead solo tone. Its fantastic that you have a volume knob on the pedal that you can actually boast your signal, something that my old small clone just did not have. My favorite part if this pedal is the second focus option you can push that thing into almost harmonizer world! The sounds you can get are amazing. I love the options you get on the pedal without sacrificing and quality in tone. Super durable and total tonal control that no other chorus has. Love it”


Mike Holland – Telegraph Stutter

“Got my Telegraph Stutter recently and it’s so cool! I have my eye on other Coppersound units, as well. Awesome company to work with! Thanks folks!”


Christopher Lyles – Telegraph Stutter

“I have been eye balling one of these Telegraphs for quite some time now and I could not be happier. I am a bass player so I do not use too many effects, but this one was the one I wanted and it is truly a work of art. The customer service, craftsmanship and all around good vibes from the folks at Coppersound Pedals is an absolute guarantee that I will be getting more gear from them. You will not regret your purchase!”


Jake de Medeiros  

“As soon as I found out CopperSound was releasing a new reverb pedal, I kneww I would have to check it out (these guys are geniuses). I picked up my Daedalus yesterday, immediately unboxed it and put it through the paces in a 3-hour jam ranging from jazz to modern metal. Honestly, this reverb held up well in EVERY situation. I love having two sides to the verb: one side I leave mild and always on, and the other side I leave the reverb cranked so I can get some beautiful ambient sounds.

Sometimes reverbs are not even my cup of tea; I find that they can dominate the mix and make it muddy (especially when I use dirt in front, as I don’t bother with the effects loop). The Daedalus never muddies up the mix no matter how much I crank the reverb levels. Even with my tube screamer in front, the reverb still remained crystal clear and beautiful. Pretty much impossible to get bad sounds out of this pedal wherever the knobs are set. I have yet to play with the expression loop, but I will surely update the review when I do. Check out CopperSounds second demo for a taste of the expression capabilities. All in all, this pedal is a 5/5. Great work CopperSound, can’t wait for the next one!”

Jeff Peck : Commit Samantha  Daedalus Reverb

“My entire career has consisted of finding the punchiest amps with the tightest response, quickest attack, and even frequency response range. Playing heavy metal all over the world allowed me to try just about everything under the sky in search of the perfect rig to achieve my sound. Everything from Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Bogner, Krank, and Peavey for amps, often running two heads at the same time, TC Electronic rack units, Fractal Audio AxeFx, and several other brands for FX processing, and a myriad of guitars. I have come close to perfecting my sound, however, like many of us, I’d always felt it was missing something.. that last addition.. it wasn’t quite there. I finally excepted a compromise knowing the search would never end.

A few months ago I connected with the guys from CopperSound Pedals. I mentioned that I was looking for a pedal that would add depth and atmosphere to my tone, but wasn’t having much luck. I explained that my core sound was 95% where I wanted it, but lacked that final piece. That is when they turned me on to a new reverb unit they were working on, and suggested I give it a try. Tris gave me a rundown on what to expect, and after he was finished, my interest was peaked. Upon completion of one of the prototypes, he let me give it a spin, and I was immediately hooked. I remember instantly smiling realizing that this was it!! I found the missing piece!

The Dáedalus Reverb from Copper Sound Pedals is absolutely the best reverb unit I’ve ever heard. Whether built into an amp or as an external effect, this unit kept up with anything I played through it from luscious cleans to the full bore growl of my Mesa Boogie Dual Rec. It kept my tone in the mix, but added the atmosphere I was searching for.

The fact that they designed two reverbs settings, both of which are accessible with independent footswitches and separate level controls, meant that I can set up two versions of reverb with one pedal and still have the freedom and flexibility to make tone-shaping decisions on the fly during the set. The thoughtful and handy addition of having a built in FX Loop also means that I am able to affect the effect adding another dimension of sonic possibilities, while still retaining the fundamental tone! For the first time, I am able to have a great lead reverb, then with one further click, I can take my sound into the atmosphere with a long, full tail reverb without the sound going off onto another planet.. it never went off the deep end like some other units do. This truly is a pedal I love hearing when it is on, and one that does not color my tone when it is off. It has quickly become the go-to shaper, and a pedal I absolutely do not want to be without.”

Luke Gosselin  

“This pedal rocks! Its built solid, looks sharp, and has a killer name. The option of having two levels of reverb is a huge win for a lot of the stuff I like to play. Great company, great pedal, thanks dudes!”