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All analog Chorus & Vibrato

Polaris is an all analog, strikingly detailed chorus & vibrato. Featuring velvety pitch modulation powered by a BBD (Bucket Brigade Device). At minimum settings, the modulation ranges from slow and lush. Conversely, at maximum settings, the modulation is fast and frenetic. Additionally, Polaris features two independent depth amounts via the Focus and Focus II knobs. These controls are accessed by the Secondary footswitch. Allowing you to toggle between two Depth levels on the fly!

On-the-fly versatility

This analog chorus & vibrato was inspired by the Small Clone. Notably, most vintage chorus pedals, tend to be scarce of volume and EQ options. In contrast, Polaris implements a Tone stack and Volume knob array to enhance the user experience. These controls work in concert with one another. As a result, this allows the player to perfectly sculpt how much bass signal passes through the circuit. As the Tone control is set counter-clockwise, full-bodied low end is very present. On the other hand, as the Tone knob is set clockwise, bass is rolled off. Likewise, sparkling high-end is paired with the smooth modulation. Easily achieve a warm chorus tone or a bright vibrato that cuts!

When we set out to develop a chorus pedal, we wanted to build around classic tones. Additionally, we wanted to optimize it with greater control. Polaris is capable of pushing overall volume way beyond unity! Furthermore, you can generate a nice doubletracking-esque sound in certain settings. Simply set the Rate low and the Depth high. Set the Tone to taste and create some joy!

The North star wobbler

Two modulation styles are available via the Mode toggle.

  • Chorus Mode(Full Moon) – Your pristine clean signal blends with the modulation section at the output. Thus resulting in a smooth and supple analog chorus.
  • Vibrato Mode(Crescent Moon) – Clean signal is cut out of the mix. Specifically resulting in full on, trembling Vibrato!
  • Smooth analog chorus & vibrato!

    • True analog modulation via BBD (Bucket Brigade Device)
    • Powerful EQ control
    • Smooth rate control; ranges from lush to seasick
    • Multiple depth controls via secondary footswitch
    • Mode toggle to switch between chorus or vibrato
    • 9v operation
    • Passionately hand-crafted in the U.S.A.
  • Specs

    • 9v:  2.1mm x 5.5mm Center Negative | 9v @ 40mA
    • In/Out: ¼” Instrument Cable
    • 4.7″ x 3.7″ x 2″ (including jacks and hardware)
    • Mechanical, True Bypass
    • User Manual

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  1. Jordan Scarborough

    I love my polaris! The diversity in tone I can get is amazing! The warm analog sound its beautiful and with just an adjustment of the tone knob I can make it brighter to cut through a thick mix or stack it with fuzz and get a great lead solo tone. Its fantastic that you have a volume knob on the pedal that you can actually boast your signal, something that my old small clone just did not have. My favorite part if this pedal is the second focus option you can push that thing into almost harmonizer world! The sounds you can get are amazing. I love the options you get on the pedal without sacrificing and quality in tone. Super durable and total tonal control that no other chorus has. Love it

  2. Jim

    This is my new favorite pedal. So many tone options come with this thing that you will never get bored. The controls are simple and the tone knob makes all the difference when you’re trying to cut through the mix or getting that thick, creamy chorus. I had the pleasure of getting to test out Polaris at the shop and meet the guys, who were awesome and more than knowledgeable. They build everything from scratch and in house. Don’t let this pedal pass you by, worth every cent.

  3. Joshua

    I bought used and still the best pedal I’ve ever owned. The quality is out of this world. The response, the tones, the ingenuity. Can’t wait to try more pedals from these guys! (I have a telegraph stutter Killswitch on the way.)

  4. Omkar Shirsat

    I bought this pedal so I could independently use some chorus and vibrato off a pedal and thereby clear some slots on my Line6 POD HD500X to be able to make some interesting tones. I’ve got to tell you, the Polaris has been more value for me than I thought. The tones of this pedal are much better than the stock chorus and pedal tones I have in my processor so it gave me a lot of variety. Also, I use it along with my Boss CS-3 for a smaller setup and it pretty much covers up my clean tone requirement by adding a nice flavour to it. I’d recommend you to get this for sure!

  5. Mychael Allen

    I’ve been looking for a great chorus pedal for awhile, one with great versatility and an overall great sound. Now I can say i’ve honestly found that in the Polaris. From a subtle beautiful modulation to that all out old school 80’s sound this pedal really covers it all. This pedal will not be leaving my board anytime soon and I’d really recommend that you get this!

  6. Chris

    Bought my Polaris from Chicago Music Exchange about a month ago. I’ve been looking for the perfect chorus and I finally found it! The controls allow you to dial in a ridiculously wide range of sounds then you add the second switch to the picture and it is such a cool pedal. I wasn’t really in it for the vibe, but I’m hooked on that side of the pedal now too! There is really no setting on this thing that isn’t usable in a musical context. Overdrives and fuzz rotate on and off my board frequently, but this is a pedal that won’t be going anywhere. Too many uses for a reasonable price. Definitely nabbing the Foxcatcher next!

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