Foxcatcher – Overdrive & Boost



  • Award-winning, light to medium overdrive
  • Powerful EQ & presence control
  • Burr Brown audiophile-grade op amp
  • Independent or stacked clean boost
  • Order toggle to place boost before or after drive
  • Integrated output buffer(when effect is engaged)

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A Bluesbreaker overdrive & clean boost.

The CopperSound Foxcatcher a 2-in-1 overdrive pedal with an independent boost. Inspired by the Bluesbreaker, we began changing and adding to the base circuit. Firstly, we made changes to the tone section along with the addition of the Nature knob. This acts as an overall presence control. Next, we added an output buffer that’s active when the pedal is engaged. This greatly helps to improve the overall output level. This helps to assess the well-known issue found in the original Bluesbreaker units. From the start, we wanted to develop a pedal that had an independent clean boost section. That decision was easy, utilize our Gravity Bomb V1. A fully neutral, op-amp clean boost.

Award-winning 2-in-1 overdrive.

Once real world testing was in full swing, we started showing friends, family and local dealers. Taking everyone’s critiques into consideration, we added an effect order toggle switch to enhance the user experience. This allows the boost section to be added before the overdrive for more volume. Or, in contrast, after the overdrive for more gain. Lastly, we incorporated a Burr Brown audiophile-grade op-amp. Notably, this made it so that Foxcatcher can receive up to 18 volts. As a result, this makes for an increase in headroom. Strengthening signal and allowing for even more clarity. Foxcatcher uses mechanical, true bypass switching. Discover your new favorite overdrive pedal!

Foxcatcher is also available in our Aged Finish.

  • Award-winning, light to medium overdrive
  • Powerful EQ & presence control
  • Burr Brown audiophile-grade op amp
  • Independent or stacked clean boost
  • order toggle to place boost before or after drive
  • Integrated output buffer(when effect is engaged)
  • Mechanical, true bypass
  • 9-18V operation


  • User Manual
  • 9V – 2.1mm x 5.5mm Center Negative. 35mA @ 9v | 55mA @ 18v
  • Dimensions: 4.72″ x 3.71″
  • In/Out: 1/4″ instrument cable


Bluesbreaker overdrive. Clean boost and order toggle. True bypass.

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New, B-Stock (small blem), Aged Finish


  1. Joshua Wilfong

    Wow! That’s all I can say! I’ve only had the pedal for about a week or so now, so I cannot tell you as to how the pedal will hold up after a long period of time, though it does seem VERY well built. It is a heavy, tough feeling pedal, with a clean, slick layout. Good looking pedal. I put this pedal on my board replacing a Boss SD-1 Super-Overdrive, I was thoroughly impressed by the tone I first got out of it with everything at 50%. The possibilities and the range of tones you can get is unreal. I love how suttle and mild of a drive you can get out of it, but I also love how big and aggressive the drive can be. I love the built in boost as well!! This is an amazing pedal! Well worth the money. It’s a very versatile pedal. For all of you ambient, cloud tone guys, this is the drive for you. For all of you heavy, hard, aggressive players, this is the drive for you. Excellent pedal. I would recommend it to anyone. By the way, it comes with a gnarly little pocket knife.

  2. Collin Taylor

    I have sworn by my Morning Glory since the day I got it three years ago. The bluesbreaker circuit just gives me the sound I need. I have told everyone who ever asked that I would never replace my Morning Glory with anything at all. However… Coppersound made the Foxcatcher. The first time I heard it, my thought was, “Dang… that’s the sound.” It essentially takes everything that I love about the bluesbreaker sound and expounds upon it simply yet effectively. The ability to throw on the boost gives it diversity enough, but then it gives you a little more gain on tap and the control to completely play around with the voicing. Not to mention that the only complaint I have ever had in a bluesbreaker style circuit is not an issue in this pedal, which is that the breakup seams to just be a little more symmetrical to my ears, like the harmonics are just meshing together so perfectly. I could go on… But basically, if you want an end-all light to mid- gain overdrive that has every bit of hand-built quality oozing out of its sonic goodness, then this is it!

  3. Dan Anthony

    I just received my Foxcatcher pedal a couple of days ago so have not had as much time as I would normally spend before submitting comments. That said, I must agree with much of what previous reviewers have said. This pedal needs to be heard (preferably live rather than by video) to be really appreciated. When I ordered this pedal I was looking for something more subtle than overpowering. It seems to me that many pedals made these days (regardless of quality) are looking to overpower the guitar, the amp and ultimately the player. More gain simply seems to mean less articulation and individual notes are all blended or mixed together and become unrecognizable – at least to my ears. This pedal avoids that and for my music purposes (mostly blues and milder rock) seems to work great with both single coil and humbucker pickups. Like a previous review said, it is a mild-mid level drive pedal but it will deliver enough gain to satisfy most of those kinds of users. What I like as much as anything is the “nature” control. It serves to add/remove the high end somewhat like a presence control but offering more range. As I become more experienced with effects (in particular overdrive type) pedals I am finding that there are great matches available for various guitar and amp combinations. The foxcatcher seems to match extremely well with my single coil Stratocasters and Telecaster – providing that “twang” through subtle overdrive and higher end “chime” that a lot of drive pedals remove or miss altogether. If you are looking for a pedal that will allow you to shape your sound, I would say the Foxcatcher needs to be on your radar. Build is great and so far – absolutely no complaints !

  4. Tom MacLennan

    Purchased Foxcatcher and immediately took it to the gig. Sounded excellent with minimal tweakage, but lots of sound options available! The independent OD and Boost make the Swiss Army aspect 100% valid. Very versatile and useful whether you are running a pedal platform rig or a multi-channel amp. I fall into the latter camp, and Foxcatcher fits my needs to a T whether I use the Boost by itself to make clean notes stand out more in a passage, or to boost my OD channel on my Redplate – it brings out more of your amp, which is what a excellent OD pedal should do. I’ve used Foxcatcher with clean pedal platforms and it delivers a wide range of overdrive, more than enough for the styles I play. I have humbucker guitars, and there is no grainy-ness with the pedal, but you can dial in crunch or smooth sustain. Very happy, and at the price there’s not much that can deliver so much! Very happy with the purchase. Locally made, which is really cool too!

  5. Patrick Runkle

    The Foxcatcher has become my always on pedal. When I use it on my clean channel it provides just a bit of goodness to fill out the cleans. However, when I switch over to my dirty channel, that bit of Foxcatcher goodness FILLs up the tone so nicely! On top of that, I have the option to click on the boost function for extra goodness. I haven’t found a bad setting on it…I love my Foxie!

  6. Arch Alcantara

    Like Colin above, my JHS Morning Glory was my go-to Bluesbreaker low-to-mid-gain pedal on my main gigging pedal board. On my smaller grab-and-go board, I decided to give the Foxcatcher a try since it added a boost but still only needed one power supply slot. I got a used one on Reverb. After a few rehearsals and gigs on the small board, it has since replaced the MG on the main board. The Bluesbreaker aspects of both are similar—wide range of gain, amazing responsiveness to guitar volume knob and picking dynamics, sweet top end—and I can’t necessarily say I prefer one’s sound over the other’s, but the boost feature makes the Foxcatcher so much more versatile. I set it before the OD as a “more gain” option for the OD, and an overall slight boost on its own, which in either situation is the perfect thing to “wake up” the tone for certain parts without engaging my solo boost (EP Booster) which would be too loud. It is my favorite all-purpose OD.

    If that weren’t enough, after a year the on/off switch started to misbehave. I saw that they offered a lifetime warranty but wasn’t sure it would apply since I didn’t buy it new. Not only did they agree to repair it under warranty, but because it had an early serial number and they had done a PCB revision since its production, they replaced the PCB and footswitches as part of the repair. They essentially sent back a new pedal. Many thanks to Alex for a great pedal and stellar customer service.

  7. Karl

    I’ve just had a chance to play the Foxcatcher through my ’68 Princeton Reverb with my tele. My inclination was correct, this is THE overdrive I’ve been looking for! Nice, low gain drive which remains pretty ‘transparent’ throughout the range and the nature knob is worth its weight in gold! I’m currently powering the pedal at 18v which takes it to a whole new level of tonal nirvana. Build quality is also exceptional, excellent job! I’ll be recommending to friends for sure and may put a demo up on YouTube too.

  8. Dean Cline

    Fantastic pedal. I’v been thru many many low gain pedal’s but the Foxcatcher stopped my search. There are lot’s of way’s to describe good tone but I suggest you just try a Foxcatcher.

  9. Caleb Rodrigues

    Just about every pedalboard I’ve ever built has used an always on, low gain drive toward the beginning of my signal chain. The Foxcatcher does this really well, with a few extra features that have made it a staple on my boards. The tone/nature knobs really allow you to shape your sound more like a preamp, and the sweep on the gain knob goes from subtle to a nice light OD. The added boost just takes it to the next level and not only saves space on your board but allows you to get a little more dirt depending on where you set the order toggle.

    The Foxcatcher is truly the swiss army knife of drive pedals and after owning one I could never imagine not having it on my board.

  10. Stephen Collins

    I can’t say enough good things about this pedal and this company. The pedal combines two of my loves, amazing guitar tone and pocket knives. It is such a versatile pedal that sounds amazing in any application. I play in several bands doing country, blues, jazz, rock, and dance music and this pedal has a place in every gig.

    The customer service is also top notch. I had to send the pedal in for a warranty repair and they responded to my emails very quickly and had the pedal fixed and shipped back to me the same day they got it.

    Thanks Alex, and everyone at Coppersound. Keep up the good work!

  11. Michael

    This is the one pedal that could have replaced my Morning Glory. I find that the Nature knob adds a level of tone-shaping to get my sound just where I want it, and I haven’t seen that on other Bluesbreaker-style pedals. This is my “always on” pedal. The boost takes the Foxcatcher to an even higher level. Personally, I love it going into the overdrive rather than after. It adds just a little volume boost but more importantly makes the tone just a little crispier. I had some issues with the boost footswitch and just didn’t use it for the longest time. That was stupid on my part. When I finally reached out the Coppersound about it, they reminded me of their lifetime warranty. I sent it in, and they had it repaired and back to me extremely quickly. Fantastic customer service.

  12. Rasmus Elmstrøm

    I just got the pedal yesterday, and I must say that this is what I have been looking for in a long time. So crispy and transparent – and for the first time in years I had a perfect cut in the mix with the band – without being to loud. I am really looking forward to playing live with this one.

  13. Rick Greenwood

    I can’t say enough about the Foxcatcher because it truly is one of the best low gain overdrives out there on the market. I’m pretty picky about the pedals I buy and that usually means that I listen to endless video demos online, then test it out in person. Then if it makes that cut, I usually A/B that pedal alongside whatever I already have to really figure out where it fits in my sonic arsenal. The Foxcatcher is the only pedal that I’ve ever purchased that bypassed that entire process and now lives at the front of my signal chain; almost always on. It’s a pedal that absolutely everyone should at the very least try out.

  14. Jonathan

    I was introduced to the Foxcatcher and Coppersound a few months ago. I’m not sure how this company slipped under the radar for me, but wow i love this pedal. If you’re on the fence, check out some videos. The tone speaks for itself. Additionally, they have great customer service.

  15. Cameron

    I don’t tend to leave reviews, but after my experience with the Foxcatcher (and Coppersound Pedals as a whole), I couldn’t help but spread the word.

    The Foxcatcher is nothing short of incredible. I love Bluesbreaker-based drives and have been through a fair share. This is undoubtedly my favorite I’ve tried. Having the onboard boost is a great touch, and the variable voltage allows for some subtle but definitely noticeable changes. A real keeper.

    Even better than the pedal is the customer service. Something went awry with my first Foxcatcher while in transit to me, and an issue with the order switch left it non-functional. I sent an email to CS on a Saturday (figuring it would be in the queue for a Monday reply). I got an email that afternoon from Alex asking me to call and help troubleshoot it. When we couldn’t get it working, he asked me to send it back and had a replacement on the way before they even had received mine. The extra kicker — he called FROM A WEDDING to help walk me through things. I assume it was not his wedding nor in the middle of said wedding, but I can’t be certain. All I am certain of is this is a top notch company that stands behind their work. Always happy to support businesses like this!

  16. Aaron Lusby

    After spending the better part of a decade trying different tube screamer variants and never being happy with them, the thought finally crossed my mind to try a different type of overdrive. From what I read, I thought a bluesbreaker style circuit might be exactly what I wanted and I eventually discovered the Foxcatcher. I’m so glad I gave this pedal a try, it’s incredible. Having never played a “true” bluesbreaker pedal, I’m not sure exactly how the Foxcatcher compares, but I do know that it sounds exactly how I wanted it to sound. I also wasn’t sure what to expect from the Nature knob because it isn’t very clearly explained anywhere that I have seen. Now that I have tried the pedal out, I also can’t really explain it. It’s a helpful little knob though and it’s impossible to make this pedal sound bad. I also tried it on bass and thought it made a great bass overdrive too. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  17. Paul

    Received my Foxcatcher yesterday and I am thrilled with this beautiful pedal. I’ve owned several of the classics in this category but never quite found the sweet spot. The boost side on its own is a thing of joy, just pushing your amp and bringing out the warmth in tone the Fox gain side is smooth and rounded. Perfect for a low to mid gain blues, country, soul vibe. Together it’s a joy. Run it at 18v from a good power supply and you’re in nirvana. Honestly this is seriously good. Forget all those other twin drive units. Look no further.

  18. Gary B

    I recently purchased a Coppersound Foxcatcher after hearing some good things about this company and it’s products . I was drawn to the Foxcatcher despite the fact that I had already played with another “Bluesbreaker” based product …… but I am so glad I took the chance on my curiosity.
    All I can say is that the Foxcatcher is simply amazing . Playing through my Clean Victory V40 Deluxe , my guitar and sound simply came alive with so much clarity . The boost also is extremely good , even when used alone to hit the front end of the amp . My neck position on my strat is so addictive , it inspires me to dig in and play more … and let’s face it , that is the BEST thing that any piece of gear can do … make us play more and enjoy more.
    I would also like to sing the praise of Coppersound Customer Service … even though I am in the UK , and sourced my Foxcatcher via a UK Dealer , Coppersound were available for any questions I may have, Alex was extremely informative, helpful and supportive with answers to my tekkie questions … superb service , and just a joy to deal with . Personally , I just have to thank Coppersound and everyone there for such a fantastic pedals , service and overall superb experience with them .
    Thank You

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