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Each Cir-Kit™️ Component bag includes the following parts.

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Entry level breadboard kit designed to make breadboarding fun and easy while step-by-step directions provide clear instructions along with education.

Breadboarding can be a very intimidating and misunderstood step in the creative process of circuit design. This can be the very reason that people don’t get into circuit building. We designed our Cir-Kit™️ Bundles to help make the barrier of entry far more manageable. This includes sourcing and curating all components needed to build entry-level pedal circuits. Along with all the components needed for the circuit, each breadboard kit includes one of our Small Breadboards, a 9V power supply, and a comprehensive build guide. Each build guide is comprised of detailed, step-by-step instructions that include the components needed, the schematic, and an assembled breadboard picture for each step. Start breadboarding today!

Each Cir-Kit™️ Component bag includes the following parts.

  • Component bag of choice –
    • Single Transistor Overdrive (Compare to Electra Distortion)
    • MOSFET Boost (Compare to Jack Orman MOSFET Boost)
    • Silicon Fuzz (Compare to Silicon Fuzz Face)
  • Resistor Color Code Chart
  • Build guide

The idea behind CopperSound DIY was to offer unique pedal building tools that don’t currently exist on the market. Tools that everyday pedal enthusiasts and developers could greatly benefit from. Over the many years of breadboarding, we found ourselves constantly needing to find creative ways to adapt universally sized components into breadboards. Breadboards are a great tool for designing with, however they are not very accommodating for some of those aforementioned components. That’s where CopperSound DIY comes in! Premade tools to speed up your creative process.

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Single Transistor Overdrive, Mosfet Boost, Silicon Fuzz


  1. Michael Levinson

    So far I have built, and modified the MOSFET Boost Kit. This has been an incredible learning experience that has made it easier to understand both breadboard building, and schematic reading. I highly recommend this to anyone in the DIY circle that is looking to up their game by understanding both how to utilize the breadboard, or develop a better understand the what parts of a circuits are doing.

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