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Entry level kits designed to make breadboarding fun and easy while step-by-step directions provide clear instructions along with education.

Each Cir-Kit Bundle includes the following parts.

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Introducing Cir-Kit™️ – A new type of Breadboard Kit!

Entry level breadboard kit designed to make breadboarding fun and easy. Let’s build a pedal circuit together!

Streamline your creativity

Breadboarding can be a very intimidating and misunderstood step of circuit design. As a result, this can be the reason that people don’t get into circuit building. We wanted to change this. Therefore, we designed our Cir-Kit Bundles to help make the barrier of entry far more manageable and more importantly – fun. This includes sourcing and curating all components needed to build entry-level pedal circuits. So no need to worry about ordering components. Finding the correct parts can be tough. Moreover, it can be frustrating. So we’ve taken care of that here. Less part hunting, more circuit building.

An All-in-one Breadboard kit

Cir-Kit Bundles come with all the parts needed. Each breadboard kit includes one of our Small Breadboards, a 9V power supply, and a downloadable build guide. Each build guide is comprised of detailed, step-by-step, downloadable instructions. This includes the components needed, the schematic, and an assembled breadboard picture for each step. These guides can be downloaded, viewed online or printed out. Having an issue? Build guides also feature a troubleshooting section. Have you wanted to build guitar pedals but don’t know where to start? Grab a Cir-Kit Bundle and start breadboarding today!

Choose from 6 models.

  • Silicon Fuzz (Compare to Silicon Fuzz Face)
  • MOSFET Boost (Compare to Jack Orman MOSFET Boost)
  • Single Transistor Overdrive (Compare to Electra Distortion)
  • 3-Band EQ (Baxandall EQ)
  • Hard Clip Distortion (Compare to RAT)
  • Treble Boost (Compare to Rangemaster)

Each Cir-Kit™️ Bundle includes the following parts.

Already have a breadboard and want to build a Cir-Kit? Purchase Component bags here.

CopperSound DIY in the classroom

Cir-Kit Bundles are a great way to learn, and education is the name of the game here. Therefore, we are making CopperSound DIY available to schools. Please contact to discuss booking a class.

The idea behind CopperSound DIY was to offer unique pedal building tools that don’t currently exist on the market. Tools that everyday pedal enthusiasts and developers could greatly benefit from. So over the many years of breadboarding, we found ourselves constantly needing to find creative ways to adapt universally-sized components into breadboards. Breadboards are a great tool for designing with. However, they are not very accommodating for some of those aforementioned components. So that’s where CopperSound DIY comes in! Premade tools to make breadboarding easier. In addition, speed up your creative process. Your ideas, our tools.

Want more? Is there a specific type of circuit that you would like to see featured in our Cir-Kit Bundles? Please contact for any suggestions, questions or issues. Moreover, breadboard kit. Likewise DIY tools. So circuit design, build guides, and tools. Build today!

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Single Transistor Overdrive, Mosfet Boost, Silicon Fuzz, 3-Band EQ, Hard Clip Distortion, Treble Boost


  1. Robert Schaeffer

    My first CIR-KIT was the Silicon DIY kit. I have built many pedal kits and also amplifier kits, because I’m a guitar player and I am always looking for new sounds. I have never built a circuit on a breadboard, but I want to have a better understanding of where the signal goes in a pedal, so I needed to try this. This system is all laid out very well, and all of the parts are bagged up nicely, and the online instructions are very easy to follow. After I had followed (most of) the instructions , I still had a problem, and my signal was not loud enough when I turned on the circuit with my guitar plugged in. I was embarrassed that my project didn’t work, so I went through it a couple of times to try and see what I had missed, and I couldn’t get it. I reached out to the email address included in the troubleshooting part of the instructions, and I received a reply within minutes! Alex was the person who replied, and he saw that I had forgotten the ground wire connection to the power rail on the bottom of the board. This connection fixed it, and this fuzz sounds awesome! Thanks Alex! Now I have to buy them all!

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