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Integrated breadboards that are convenient and simple for prototyping! These breadboards come integrated with audio jacks, power jack, bypass switch, and status LED. Along with pin headers to easily connect to the breadboard and power bus rails. No more struggling to hook your instrument and amplifier up to your breadboard.

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A new, convenient way to breadboard!

CopperSound DIY Breadboards are a convenient and simple solution for prototyping! Each Breadboard is supplied with integrated audio jacks, power jack, bypass switch, and status LED. Just add the components to populate your schematic, plug in, and experiment away! On-board pin headers allow you to easily connect the breadboard bus rails to the Power and Audio Jacks. Additionally, the mounting holes in each corner offer a convenient method of securing the board to a larger work surface. No more struggling to hook your instrument and amplifier up to your breadboard. Perfect to pair with our pre-cut wire.

Take breadboarding to the next level.

New to breadboarding and not sure where to start? Check out our Cir-Kit™️ Bundles. These Bundle come with all the parts needed. Each breadboard kit includes one of our Small Breadboards, a 9V power supply, and a comprehensive build guide. Each build guide is comprised of detailed, step-by-step instructions that include the components needed, the schematic, and an assembled breadboard picture for each step. Additionally, these Build Guides can be viewed online or printed out. Having an issue? Build guides also feature a troubleshooting section. Have you wanted to build guitar pedals but don’t know where to start? Grab a Cir-Kit™️ Bundle and start breadboarding today!

Breadboards in 5 sizes to choose from.

  • Mini: 400 points. Mono.
  • Small: 830 points. Mono.
  • Medium: 1,560 points. Mono.
  • Large: 2,290 point. Mono.
  • Deluxe: 2,290 points. Stereo and TRS Expression.

The idea behind CopperSound DIY was to offer unique pedal building tools that don’t currently exist on the market. Tools that everyday pedal enthusiasts and developers could greatly benefit from. So over the many years of breadboarding, we found ourselves constantly needing to find creative ways to adapt universally-sized components into breadboards. Breadboards are a great tool for designing with. However, they are not very accommodating for some of those aforementioned components. So that’s where CopperSound DIY comes in! Pre-made tools to make breadboarding easier. In addition, speed up your creative process. Your ideas, our tools.

Check out all of CopperSound DIY here.

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