Mustard Gas


Lo-Fi Pedal with Fuzz Switch

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Mustard Gas

Break out the ventilation mask and turn the radio up!

The Mustard Gas is, at it’s heart, a lo-fi machine capable of creating those olde tyme radio sounds. With the switch in the center position, it can go from clean lo-fi to broken speaker fuzz. With the switch in the down position, the low end response is put back into the signal and overloads the circuit. Resulting in a thick, low end fuzz. Flip the switch up and you get even more low end anarchy. The controls were kept simple for a “less talk, more rock” approach.

The Mustard Gas is built with Russian paper in oil capacitors and carbon comp resistors for that olde school mojo and is painted by hand in Easton, MA.

Controls: Volume – Sets the overall volume of the effect. Texture – Adjusts the lo-fi distortion amount.(Only active with the switch in the center position) SwitchCenter: normal. Down: Low end fuzz. Up: Exra low end fuzz. True bypass. Requires 9 volt center negative 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel. No battery option.


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