The Telegraph Stutter is a killswitch that encompasses one of the most simple audio effects in the most unique looking package. When the key is in its traditional resting position (up), audio is passed through fully unaffected. When the key is pressed (down), the audio is fully cut and no sound will pass through. The POLARITY SWITCH allows you to reverse the orientation. Rapidly tapping the key can result in a nice fully manual tremolo effect. Having full manual control over the rate of the cut means the effect can achieve unique sounds. The tremolo does not have to be set at a predetermined rate, nor does the pattern have to be of the traditional type. Knowing Morse code can yield fun, creative “patterns.” Being a hand controlled effect, there are more benefits than being foot controlled. A tremolo rate can be tapped while manually ramping the speed up or down. Placing the device on top of your amp directly before your amp input is a good place for it. When standing in front of your amp, you can get some fun feedback and chop that up with the Telegraph. It sounds even better with your favorite fuzz or overdrive! The straight key has two adjustments on it. One is to adjust the tension of the spring that pushes against the key to bring it back to resting position. The other is to adjust the height between the contact points that cut the signal.
All of our pedals are true bypass.
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All of our pedals take standard 5.5mm x 2.1 mm center negative power supplies. We recommend isolated power supplies over daisy chain applications because of ground hum and the possibility of added noise.
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For sure! Send us an email at with pictures of your guitar and which pick-guard, knob, color and hardware combination you would like.